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  1. Hi robin/angel
    Wanna start wholesale purchase of garments for teen wears .I m scheduled to visit guangzhou in the first week of April. Can u send me some pics details and cost of teen wears which would help me in my working.thanks .

    • Hi Amit,

      OK, i will try to find some pics and send them to you.

      Best Rergards


  2. We r retailer in surat /( india ) looking forward to see first copy watches , belts , shoose and other mens assesories plz let me know if u have any suppliers over their or else u can show me few products by sending me the albums of the products . Waiting for ur reply .

  3. Hi Angel, i’m Yazmin from Malaysia. I’ll be going to China this Sept and would like to use your service as our sourcing agent. Could u pls email me regarding ur service? Tqvm..

  4. Hi Angel,
    I am from india and want to start business of electronic products like computer peripherals, watches, and pendrives, si i want to have direct purchase from china.

    Initially i will go with micro sd card 4/8/16/32 GB, and pendrives.

    Can you please help me out?

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Hi Ankit,

      The best way is you come to guangzhou, so you can find many suppliers and buy them directly.

      Best Regards


  5. Hi Angel,
    well i m from India, presently we are dealing in House Hold Items and LED TV’s and Smart Phones like Apple iPHones, HTC, Samsung etc.etc., so can you help me out from where we can buy these products cheaper and what about genuineness of the product and their warranty or guarantee period, and one thing more i would like to know is it safe to buy online from Chinese companies? bcoz there are so many companies in Guangdong those are selling products online at very low cost.
    please help me ….

    • Hi Ashwani,

      The best way is, you come here and check the products ,different quality with different price, i am afraid if you get the cheaper pirce, the poorer quality you will get.

      Best Regards


  6. Hello Sir,
    We are running a retail store for Men. I m looking for garments and gifts to give to customers on their purchase. Gifts may be electronics or Men Accessories like Watches, Wallets, etc,. Pls let me know if u have any suppliers in this field.

    • Hi Arvind,

      The best way is coming to guangzhou and select what you want, you will find huge selection.

      Best Regards


  7. Hi, I’m a student studying Electronics in India. Wanted to know if I could order electronic components through you (from TaoBao), and have it shipped to my home.

    • Hi Vivek,

      Thanks for your comment, now all of our customers are doing wholesale or retail business. if you just buy some products for your own use, i suggest you buy it by yourself or find other way to get it. if you choose our service, the service fee maybe more than the products you wanted to buy.

      Best Regards


  8. Hi,
    I live in UK, one my friend have started a business. it works like suppose some1 from UK orders a product online to company based in china, then that already have some stocks in UK held with some1 living in UK, so the Chinese company gives the detail of the customer and the product he/she has ordered to the guy living in UK and then the guy just dispatch the product immediately to the customer and the customer gets product delivered in a day or so. This way the customers are very happy, whereas if they would had send the product from china, then it would had at least 15 to 20 days to deliver in UK.
    Can you please tell me what is this business called and do you know any company who would be interested to keep some of their stock in UK with me.
    Waiting for your reply.
    H Gupta

    • Hi H Gupta,

      now we are not doing this business. Anyway,thank you.

      Best Regards


  9. hi
    i am from india i want to start business of furniture, kids and ladies wear and i am planning to visit Shenzhen after 5 weeks can us please send the pics of related articles the prices and the trusted companies
    thank you


  10. Dear Sir

    We are running retail chain store in Kolkata , and want garment supplier from China , who can supply us first copy of Branded products

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