1. Am Ada from Nigeria & looking for an agent service , can I have more information for how you charge for the agent fee n how to go about it ?am a designer Thanks.

  2. myself praneeth From INDIA i want to start up the distribution channel of micro usd memory cards and as well as usb’s so please guide me if i will come to china that will be better or u will send me the goods which i want????

  3. Hi Angel,

    I run a marketing business in India. Currently I am selling gas safety device and electricity power saver. I buy these products from local supplier in Punjab. I want to expand my business and want to add more products but also want my own branding. So could you please help me to find out good manufacturer in China from where I can buy good quality product with my own brand. Here are the list of items I am interested in:
    1. Gas safety device
    2. Baby monitors
    3. Baby infrared thermometer.
    4. Blade less fans.
    5. Good Quality Chinese Android phones
    6. Rocker Gaming Chairs

    Please let me know if its possible to get these items from china because as i said I am on a initial stage of business so my order won’t be huge and i will be ordering less quantity initially but after getting response will increase the order. Please let me know what is the minimum quantity I have to order and price of the above mentioned products. Please get back to me. (I also emailed you the same on 27th Jan as well).

    Rishu Madaan

  4. Hello,

    I’m looking to travel to Guangzhou in March, I’m looking for a agent that can help me with purchases and locating products while I’m there. Please contact me if you can assist.



  5. I wanted to buy ccd camera for autorefractometer from china.
    I want good quality. so what will you provide . I am from India.

    • Hi Abhishek,

      Yes, we can help you buy some.Please let me know more details.

      Best Regards


  6. Hi angel,
    I am from india and doing wholesale ceramic tiles and sanitarywares business. I am planning to import the tiles and sanitarywares from china. I would need your help in locating big wholesalers and manufacturers. I am also coming to china for the first time so I might need help in finding accommodation and vegetarian food. Waiting for your reply

    • Hi Vipul,

      Thanks for your comment. we can help you do this job, please let me know more details about your trip.

      We are based in guangzhou.China.

      Best Regards


  7. Hi,

    I want to share my experience when I travel in Guang Zhou China to visit the canton exhibition. I met your guys who is very helpful. This guy help me to find source, negotiate the price, also help me to check the quality control and shipping. I recommend this website.

    Angel, I want person like you for help me in Shanghai next month.
    Can you help me find one?



    • Hi Sydney,

      You name always let me think a movie “Sydney White”, thank you, but i have not friends in shanghai doing the same job, Please find a local company there to help you.

      Best Regards


  8. Hi ,

    I’m in Mauritius & looking for an agent service , can I have more information for how you charge for the agent fee n how to go about it ? Thanks.


  9. Hi,

    I am a wholesaler dealing with electronic accessories, tablets & computing. Currently i am sourcing for a trustworthy agent in china and wishes to have more details on assisting me.

    I am looking forward to get a reply from you.


  10. @Manoj
    Hi Manoj,
    I am very regret to hear that.Some scammer announce they are suppliers,just cheating the customers’ money,I can help you find a chinese layer,but the problem is,sometimes it is no use, normally the payment for the order is not a big amount. you can compare the cost for hiring a layer to your lost. sometimes you will find the cost for hiring a layer is more than your lost. The cheaters know this very well,so they can easily cheat you and get the money without punishment.that’s the truth,i know it is cruel to you, but it is reality. So the best way for you is, try to avoid this thing again.you can use a local sourcing agent,like us, help you buying your goods, we will check if they are scamers before you send the payment.so you will not be cheated by those cheaters.
    Some customer always ask us, why i need to use a sourcing agent or business guide in guangzhou,i can communicate with the suppliers by myself.no need english interpreter or translator.i should say ,sometimes the customer ignore the risk in business, our experience and service will save you a lot of money.sometimes the value is invisible but that is our value.
    Best Regards

  11. Dear,

    We are a small company based in India , we are Make a order to some in China
    And I finished my order payments in date 14/05/2013, and I think my
    Payments is receiver her, but the supplier is not send my good and his not
    Any responds to my email and any tracking no, I think his scamed me, I need
    Scorching agent for this. Can you assist please. You have my email address,
    We can certainly discuss things further. Looking for your reply.

  12. Angel :
    Hi Paul,
    I have sent you email.please check!
    Best Regards

    Hello i will travel to guangzhou next month , i need to find the womam cloth factory , can you please help ? please email me your charges thanks

  13. Hello , I need an agent who can find me a Electrical Item .. i am Deal In computers & laptop Parts , tablet ,USB Flash Drive Products

    • Hi DHaval,

      Please send the quatation to my email, i will reply you.thanks


  14. i want furniture and interior accessories. i can plan to come down there.
    i have a furnishing store.

  15. Hi,

    I am a wholesaler dealing with electronic accessories, tablets & fashion handbag. Currently i am sourcing for a trustworthy agent in china and wishes to have more details on assisting me.

    I am looking forward to get a reply from you.


  16. Hello,
    We are seeking for neon watches ( ICE watch look a likes) please some help for it.


  17. I need an agent who can find me a yoga mat production facility (product to be used is TPE), and ship it to the United States.

  18. I need an agent,partner from specific factories
    to send items directly to my costumers(buyers from my web shops)
    allover the world

    -Lasse Kjus ski outwear
    -sun glasses ( ray ban,persol…)

    can you send me contacts
    thank you

  19. Hi Deepak,
    Could you send me more details to my email? Maybe i can find some supplier and give you a quotation.Thanks

  20. Hello,
    I live in Nepal I want to buy 500 pcs micro sd card from china and shipping service to Nepal also.

  21. Hello.

    I am planning to visit China to source good quality fashion dresses and skinny fit denim for girls/ladies.
    would you be able to help me?

    thanks in advance,

  22. Angel,

    I sent you an email a few days ago but I haven’t heard a response. I am looking to buy tea ceremony accessories directly from the factory. No middlemen or wholesalers. I need your help with this and I will compensate you well for it.

    Please respond to my email.


  23. Hi ,

    I’m in Malaysia & looking for an agent service , can I have more information for how you charge for the agent fee n how to go about it ? Thanks.

    Jessica Wong


    • Hello,please go to my album and have a look,maybe you will find some business opportunity

  25. Hello,
    I am interested in your agent services, can you please send me more info.
    Thank you

  26. Hi

    I am looking for an agent who can organise wholesale purchases of “UGG” boots and shoes and “Juicy Couture” tracksuits, I would be looking for a complete service including shipping.

    Can you help me with this – I am looking for branded goods, not similar, they must be branded UGG and Juicy Couture.

    Many thanks


  27. Hello Mr.Robin & Ms.Angel,
    pls tell what products u have advantage in china? and how much to charge it if to be our agent? or if only need source or inspection? how much
    best regards,
    Omar Saleh

  28. hi angel

    can you guide me where i can find cotton fabric in guangzhou…
    and how much do you charge for the service.. i be there on this 24/9/11

    I’ll be waiting for your reply,
    Thank you


  29. Hello Mr.Robin & Ms.Angel,
    I want to know with which kind of products do you work, and how much do you charge for the searching of an specific product and the process of buy and delivery.
    I am looking for an agent in China that can help me to look for any kind of product, but we specialize in fabrics and sintetic leather.
    But I need someone that can help look for almost anything.
    Also I would like to know if you are chinesse or from another country,
    I’ll be waiting for your reply,
    Thank you and greetings,

    • Hi Julie,

      We are local Chinese people.i am sending an email to you now.please check it.



  30. Dear Mr Robin and Ms Angel,

    as a wholesaler and direct-importer of a lot of products, coming from Asian countries and especially from China, I am interested in your service.

    For several years, my step-by-step growing business, Prime-Visions Naturprodukte, located in Germany and operating mainly on Western and Eastern European market, has got some very good contacts to several producers and sellers in China.

    Regarding this, I also know very well about the difficulties of getting fair prices and of finding some special products.

    Actually, I am searching for a special type of empty hard gelatine capsules. The normal sizes from 00 to 4 are not difficult to get at respectable price.
    But at the moment I am not able to get the biggest size, 000 (called “triple 0”) and the smallest size 5.

    You as Chinese professional could be a good help for this, profitable for both of us.

    In case, you can find these sizes for good price, I would be interested in a first test-quantity (sample) of 100.000 caps each.

    The specification is:

    Empty hard-gelatin capsules, clear / transparent, Snap-In-closure – locked type – sizes 000 and 5.

    Just three other points:

    1. I do not have contracts with any Chinese producer or supplier.

    So, in case, you are able to offer the other sizes for very good price, I would not mind to change to your service or to buy our vegetarian capsules, manual capsules´fillers and quite a big number of plant herbs and extracts as well (mushrooms, nutritional supplements, spices, dried fruit).

    For the next months, I plan to add a new segment to my well-upcoming business: electronics – but that could be the next point.

    For the beginning, I would prefer to pay via PayPal – if you can offer this method.

    2. Shipment

    I would prefer a delivery service, which is fast and oeconomical – That´s why, I often get items via Chinapost or DHL. I do not like to pay more for shipment than for the goods, which often is the consequence of delivery services like TNT, UPS, …

    3. Our business is well-operating also because of a “high-speed” of imports. That means, if a customer asks for some goods, we need to be able to organize very fast without spending time on long production-processes or buying goods, which will be produced in the future.

    In case, you think, we both can interact on a profitable base, I would be glad to hear from you.

    All the best, kind regards,

    Carsten Nabert
    Mail: carsten.nabert@prime-visions.com

    • Hi Carstern,

      We are not professional for medical products,I just list your requirment and email here, maybe aother sourcing agent can help you.



  31. Dear Pamela,

    Thanks for your email.Hope we can discuss this business topic soon.



  32. Hello, I am interested on traveling to Guangzhou in search for wholesalers to expand my current business. I found your information and would like to know further information about your services. I reside in Miami, United States. Please if you could give me more details of your service, I will look forward to hear back from you.

    Thanks in advance.


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